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Welcome to Prenatal Care! – Queen City Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Welcome to Prenatal Care!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

In order to provide you with around the clock care, most of the obstetricians in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Regina, Regina General Hospital, practice in a call group. What this means to you is that although you will have your own obstetrician who case for you through office visits, you will probably meet another obstetrician at the hospital for your delivery or if another emergency arises.

Complications that occur during pregnancy, labor, and delivery often require immediate action and the best way to provide this is to have an obstetrician an anesthetist in hospital 24 hours a day. The members of our call group will take turns covering these shifts. Some are male some are female, and you will be cared for by the person who is on call. These members are:

Dr. A. Akinbiyi
Dr. R. Bhargava
Dr. M. Briggs
Dr. B. Tsai
Dr. C. Jabs
Dr. H. Kamencic
Dr. C. Lett
Dr. I. Onasanya
Dr. A. Poole
Dr. D. Shepherd
Dr. R. Cardoso
Dr. D. Rattray

We also have members who do not participate in the normal obstetrical labor and delivery coverage but who occasionally are called in either because the on-call obstetrician is busy with another case or if other high-risk situations arise. These physicians include:

Dr. M. Al-Hayki
Dr. C. Aspe Lucero
Dr. L. Brydon
Dr. G. Carson

By accepting a referral to one member of this call group, you are also accepting care from the other members as well (on call). We are not able to provide emergency care for specific patients in the hospital unless we are the designated “on-call physician.” If this arrangement is not acceptable to you, talk to your obstetrician about your concerns. An alternative obstetrical care provider may be recommended.

The Regina General Hospital is a teaching hospitalĀ and learners under the direct supervision of the attending obstetrician will be involvedĀ in your care.